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  About Ricos Elotes Fanny
Our Story
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Our amazing story started in Pachuca, Hidalgo, MX when we would cut from our own cornfield and serve the nearby community by preparing corn with other ingredients and our secret recipe of salsas. Our prepared Elotes were a major attraction to the community and nearby towns. People would come from different cities to have a taste of our prepared Elotes and walk around the nearby plaza.

Elotes Fanny since then has grown to have various locations in Mexico and the Unites States including Austin - TX, Dallas - TX, and more. Elotes Fanny has also been recognized by The Dallas Morning News, The CW-33 Channel, among other companies for serving Authentic Prepared Elote within the Unites States.

Although the competition is quite high in many areas, people love coming to our prepared elote locations. People love the authenticity that our prepared Elotes bring to the table. We don't use canned corn or artificial flavors that replace the taste of lemon, our elotes are prepared in a special order with all the ingredients and our homemade sauces bring the final touch that can't be replaced. Since the rise in competition, we have been known for our slogan "Always imitated, Never equalized", also known in spanish as "Siempre imitados, Nunca igualados".

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